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Inventory Manager 1.0

Stock Management Software is user friendly tool for suppliers and customers
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Stock Management Software is user friendly tool for suppliers and customers relationship managing. Cost & price of single or multiple product can be control with the quantity and company according to location of stocks. Application can be build to run different companies stock under single control which make it user friendly tool with different actions. Purchase orders can be controlled with the tool for different customer as well as suppliers.

Inventory Management Software manages goods with user defined ration cost supply. Stock manager application is great tool for helping the manager to manages the stocking according to category, price, cost, supplier, customer and company. Software has ability to control the products in large quantity creating purchase orders also generates the cost with transfer of quantity of any goods according to location. Save and take back up of complete data.

Inventory Software makes stocks database to arrange goods, cost with supplier. Stock Management program is free download application use to set price and cost of any products with location with quality and warn & ideal quantity. Inventory management system software can use creates the database for several products under particular company, tool can also create the address with locations to ship a products generate salesman and shipping details.

Inventory Manager Features
* Create and manage multiple company, stocks can be created under a particular company.
* Purchase order can be creates to manages sell & order.
* Creates different types of taxes for every stocks.
* Make categories to arrange procts and sub products.
* Mention location to set stocks.
* Take back up and restore data of stocks .
* Sell and purchase order history can use to get snapshot of srocks.
* Support all windows version such as xp, windows 8 and 7, vista, service packs.

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